"Both (OT) and (speech therapist) are excellent with my son but also with me. They truly listen to my concerns."

"I appreciate the fact that even though I have a Special Ed background and a parent of a child in need of EI services, that the therapists talk to me as if I was a colleague in regard to my son's treatments."

"Everyone I have had the opportunity to work with has been wonderful and they are very professional. They have benefited my daughter greatly."

"The sessions are targeted and meaningful for (our daughter). They are worth the time and that is obvious as she is blossoming beautifully."

"I have had nothing but good experiences with (PT). She's a wonderful PT, and I am so glad that we were able to get a therapist as compassionate and caring as her."

"We greatly appreciate your sincere interest in and caring for (our son). Your attention to cleanliness is also greatly appreciated because he was so susceptible to getting sick."

"(Speech therapist) is always on time and is very good with our daughter. She is very patient and always leaves us with tips on things to work on."

"Your therapists are very professional. They welcome and encourage family involvement. They truly care for my child and have helped us to make connections to community and therapeutic resources that benefit (our daughter)."

"The therapists went over and above to help (our daughter). (OT, PT, and speech therapist) were simply outstanding, very caring and concerned. We would definitely recommend your services to other families."

"(Speech therapist) is so enthusiastic that (our son) really loves when she plays with him. She engages him and he has made a lot of progress. She is very informative!"

"(Our daughter) had a 5 word vocabulary when she started receiving services last month. Thanks to (speech therapist's) excellent instruction and positive attitude, she now has a 25 + word vocabulary. She really looks forward to (speech therapist's) visits. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Pediatric Therapy Professionals and (speech therapist)."

"We will forever be indebted to (PT) as our son's PT that encouraged him to grow, develop, and achieve. The improvements and strides that he has made under her supervision are truly amazing.

"(PT) has become a part of our extended family. We will forever be grateful and appreciative for having her as a part of (our son's) development, as well as part of our own development as parents and a family."

"We have had several sessions with (OT) and we are amazed at how good she is. She has been wonderful in helping us to understand (our son's) sensory issues and find effective tactics for working with him. He is making incredible progress now that we know what to do to help him get his sensory fill. We still have work to do but we are very confident that we will do well with (OT) guiding us along the way. You should be proud to have (OT) on your staff. She is an awesome professional and has made a big difference in our lives."

"I just want to thank you for the wonderful communication that I have experienced in just one week! (Our son) had his first session with (speech therapist) on Wednesday at his daycare. It is wonderful to know what he is doing and even getting a call from (speech therapist) to follow up. Thanks again for the excellent job that you do and the high expectations you have of your therapists."

"Your therapists are always very kind and professional. They communicate very well and always try their best to work around our schedule."

"(OT) has been wonderful for (our daughter) and our family. We appreciate (OT's) knowledge, support, explaining, coming up with ideas to help with (our daughter's) tantrums, and most of all her caring for (our daughter) and her job. We have been so lucky!"

"We like the opportunity for having (PT) during evening hours and at daycare. (PT) is very flexible and understanding. She helps explain things and answers all our questions."

"Not only is (PT's) smile and personality enlightening, but her persistent and caring approach to her work make her extremely effective. As a professional educator, I for one know that this is not something that can be taught or trained. All children can see through fabricated or inauthentic enthusiasm and affection."

"Wish (PT) we have seen (our son) go from a very limp and fragile boy to observing him use strength and endurance to do so many things. (PT) has provided the ground work (our son) needs to succeed in the future. (PT) is an asset to her profession. We are thankful for the joy (PT) brought into our home on each visit. (PT's) kindness will always be remembered. We could always count on (PT) to bring patience, and professional knowledge, as well as hope."

"As expected, our speech therapist is well-trained in all of the necessary treatments. Even more importantly, she brings a positive and energetic attitude, a genuine kindness, and a sincere concern for the development of our child. Additionally, she listens to us as parents. And while we are not trained professionals, she values our thought and opinions and readily incorporates them into her therapy program."