Pediatric Therapy Professionals has Developmentalists who have extensive training in child development and are able to help children to acquire skills in all areas of development. They are able to address issues with children who have global developmental delays and have specialized training to help them to improve skills involving cognition, social-emotional skills, and basic speech and language delays. Our developmentalists are trained to analyze the nature of undesirable behaviors and to help families to facilitate positive behaviors. Our Developmentalists are trained to conduct Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) on children when needed to determine what is triggering negative behaviors to take place. Once this information is gathered, it is analyzed and used to develop a Positive Behavior Support Plan. Common undesirable behaviors include: hitting, biting, self-injurious behaviors, defiance, tantrums, and non-compliance during daily routines to name a few. Our developmentalists help to teach families positive behavior modification strategies and techniques that families can carry over to help to encourage positive behaviors.