Speech Therapy Services

Our licensed speech pathologists work to improve your child's ability to communicate. They are trained to utilize techniques which will help your child to improve his/her ability to communicate with others as well as to improve his/her level of understanding. They will help your child to develop a more effective means of communication through signing and pictures while working toward verbal communication and expanding vocabulary. Our speech pathologists have experience with oral-motor assessment and treatment. They utilize various techniques which help to normalize facial muscle tone and oral sensitivity to improve your child's feeding skills and quality of speech. They are trained to utilize techniques to increase the strength of your child's oral musculature and to improve chewing and swallowing to improve overall feeding. Our speech pathologists are experienced in addressing a wide variety of concerns including language delay, feeding issues, speech that is difficult to understand, difficulty understanding and/or following directions, and difficulty using communication socially to interact with others. All of our speech pathologists are licensed and have their Certificate of Clinical Competency. Our speech pathologists have experience with a variety of augmentative communication devices and treatment approaches to facilitate an optimal level of communication for all children.